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  • An exotic species is a type of animal that is not native to a certain area. Many species of animals have been introduced to areas where they do not normally live. Many times this leads to the elimination of native plants and animals that are not accustomed to competing with these species for food, housing, reproductive sites, etc.

  • Examples of exotic species

    • American bull frogs originally only lived in the eastern United States, but they were brought to the western United States so people could eat frog legs. These bull frogs eat anything they can fit into their mouths such as: baby birds, snakes, other frogs, etc.

    • Domestic cats (our pets) when left outside kill songbirds, small mammals, reptiles, etc.

    • The European starlings were also introduced in the United States. They compete with native species of birds and other animals for food and also steal nests of other species of birds and destroy their eggs.

  • Other Issues and Interesting Facts

    • Feral cats and dogs on the islands of the Caribbean are decimating populations of iguanas and other native animals.

    • Domesticated goats have cleared much of the plants on many island habitats that other animals rely on to survive.











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